Love's Release

Antoinette De Poi’s novella Love’s Release, defines genre of Christian Romance. De Poi weaves Christian themes of fellowship, trust, fidelity and forgiveness into Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors. What differentiates this genre from other romances, with similar themes, is that God is the keystone of the love story. The setting is Clayville a fictitious town in South Jersey. Ronni, the confident protagonist, attends college and maintains herself by delivering newspapers. The reader is never quite sure about her nebulous past. She meets the grounded Connor McGowan, a local detective. As the relationship bumps along, Ronni is welcomed into the McGowan clan. The writer introduces and develops a crime mystery subplot which involves the reader to the end. De Poi garners praise for engaging realism, developed character, plot structure and an inspiring theme. The answer to the title, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ Is Everything. –Rosemary Biggio BA, MA, PhD in English St John’s University . Love's Release.

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